VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bring It On Back: A Compilation Dedicated to Simplicity and Honesty: CD

Assembled by one Daryl Gussin of this here publication, this hodgepodge mix of live recordings and vocal outtakes (like an answering machine message) was apparently all taped using a digital camera. While the recording quality expectedly takes a hit (the insert refers to the lo-fi element), the assortment is endearing and earthy. The project’s finest moment is its first: “Rio Manzanares” by Panacea String Band is a smooth, gorgeously done piece about a river that, in a better world, would punctuate a farewell between two lovers at a Spanish drive-in flick. God Equals Genocide’s contribution (“Ya Never Know”) is pretty good, too. Other inclusions of note: a recording of a recording of “Joe Hill” by ambitious activist/entertainer Paul Robeson and the swooning and sweet “Lovesick Lycanthrope” by Mincing Pixie.

 –Reyan (Self-released)