VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bring It On Back: A Compilation Dedicated to Simplicity and Honesty: CD

Oct 16, 2009

Assembled by one Daryl Gussin of this here publication, this hodgepodge mix of live recordings and vocal outtakes (like an answering machine message) was apparently all taped using a digital camera. While the recording quality expectedly takes a hit (the insert refers to the lo-fi element), the assortment is endearing and earthy. The project’s finest moment is its first: “Rio Manzanares” by Panacea String Band is a smooth, gorgeously done piece about a river that, in a better world, would punctuate a farewell between two lovers at a Spanish drive-in flick. God Equals Genocide’s contribution (“Ya Never Know”) is pretty good, too. Other inclusions of note: a recording of a recording of “Joe Hill” by ambitious activist/entertainer Paul Robeson and the swooning and sweet “Lovesick Lycanthrope” by Mincing Pixie.

 –Reyan (Self-released)