VARIOUS ARTISTS: Brandon Hardcore – Music for the Kids: 7"

Sep 25, 2007

It’s the idea behind this comp, the execution of it, that’s so rad. Local bands get together and put on a bunch of benefit shows until they’ve gotten enough money together to release a local comp 7”. It’s an incredibly simple idea, but one that’s seemingly only done in Brandon, a small Florida town. The town’s obviously got one fuck of an active, self-sufficient scene going on. And as it’s stated on the back of the record, no one’s really doing anything like this in Portland, Minneapolis, DC, San Francisco, or any other supposed punk mecca. So the idea is just awesome. The bands themselves aren’t really all that great, sorry to say—mostly a lot of nondescript super-fast crust and thrash stuff. Gross National Product takes the cake with their cover of “Cuffs on My Hands” by Gay Cowboys In Bondage. You’ve also got tracks by Reckless Deerhunters, Small Talk Death, Bad Eating Habits, Control De Estapo and Machete Attack.

 –keith (Burn Brandon, [email protected])