VARIOUS ARTISTS: Boston Scene Report: CD

Aug 27, 2009

Four bands from Boston are highlighted in the first scene report series put out by TKO. Suspect Device: two really solid tracks. They’ve nailed down catchiness without embracing a pop sound. Tommy and the Terrors: I can’t recommend them highly enough. These guys have been around for awhile now and never leave me less than impressed. It’s bands like them that let me keep my head held high when I say I like street punk. A-Team: on the first song I thought I heard a lot of Motorhead influence. The second track was a Motorhead cover. The Fast Actin’ Fuses: psychobilly meets metal riffs. Not necessarily a combo I’d recommend. I don’t know how well a full length would fare with me, but the two tracks aren’t enough to keep me from listening to the comp. So, I guess I’ll get used to it. On the whole, a good comp. I just wish there was more – either of tracks or bands.

 –megan (TKO)