VARIOUS ARTISTS: Boss Samplerage: 2X CD

Mar 19, 2002

People and labels to avoid: anyone who adds the suffix –age to their nouns thinking it is in some way remotely cool or funny. Bands to avoid: Woolworthy, Annalise, High Lo Fi, The Unknown, Chino, Manifesto Jukebox, The Tank, Hate Fuck Trio, Kid With Man Head, Kick Joneses, The Jones, Scarper, Ragitty Anne, Wordbug, Blocko, Serpico, Rise, Perfect Daze, The Nils, Rope, Five Foot Nothing, Vehicular Derek, The Milwaukees, Pocket Genuis, Asexuals, Lunasuit, Eesch, La Matta, The Pavers. All pretty bland pop/emo punk here. Nothing stood out at all. Hey, they’re lucky I even bothered to listen to it with that –age crap!

 –toby (Boss Tuneage)