VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bloodstains across Philadelphia: LP

While the album title is a bit disingenuous, especially if one is fooled into thinkin’ this is another addition to the infamous Bloodstains Across… bootleg series, this is a healthy overview of the state of Philly’s hardcore scene circa 2010-11. Bucket Flush, Jenkem, Gash (not to be confused with the old Australian band of the same name), Dry Feet, Ballistik, and a number of others dig into the various shades and hues of the hardcore genre, thrashin’ and screechin’ and whoopin’ it up like it was 1982 or something. Lotta good tunes here if this is yer genre of choice, but my personal fave comes from No Coffins, whose “Lazy” sounds a bit like the Groinoids.

 –jimmy (Eaglebauer Enterprises)