VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bloodstains across Philadelphia: LP

Jan 23, 2012

I have just been exposed to a twenty-four-band, twenty-four-song survey of the state of the Philadelphia hardcore scene, unless somebody changed what the word “hardcore” means again, in which case just substitute whatever word the kids use today when they’re talking about what I’m talking about when i say “hardcore.” I now feel like running up a side of beef and punching the courthouse steps. I dig the comparatively new-wavey Bad Doctors and marginally oddball Cousin Brian the most, which is funny, because i kinda never liked the not-all-the-way-punk-enough bands on compilations back in the day. As far as the more or less straight-up hardcore bands go, i think i dig Laffing Life the most, but if you ever wanted to know how dopey “Hippy” by Supernova would sound if it was completely re-written by a big dog/little dog HC band, you’re sure to swoon before the ungodly might of Jenkem’s “Fuck You Hippie.” What more can one man say? There might not be something for everyone here, but there’s definitely everything for someone. Even if that everything is “Dildo in Dad’s Shoe” by Bucket Flush. BEST SONG: Bad Doctors, “Sisyphus and the Gate” BEST SONG TITLE: I’d hate to say “Dildo in Dad’s Shoe”…so I’ll say “Dildo in Dad’s Shoe.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Hey, somebody out there is still trying to draw like Pushead!

 –norb (Eaglebauer Enterprises)