VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bloodstains across Buffalo: LP

Wow, been a while since I’ve seen one of these. As with other volumes in this long-running series of bootlegs, the sonic emphasis here is on the “rock” end of the punk rock spectrum (though there are a couple of power pop/new wave stabs thrown in for good measure), this time from a cluster of now-obscure bands (only one I’ve ever heard previously is the Vores’ “Love Canal”) that apparently called the titular city home. The fifteen songs included in this volume—courtesy of Aunt Helen, The Jumpers, Secret Saviour, Pauline & the Perils, Lip Service, and the aforementioned Vores, as well as others—stick well to the series’ conventions, yet the compiler is wise to push to both ends within its parameters, balancing crude, simple thud-punkery with more sophisticated and nuanced fare. Hell, there are even synths being used non-facetiously buried in some o’ the tunes. In all, this is a nice addition to the series. 

 –jimmy (Extra-Evidence Productions, no address listed)