VARIOUS ARTISTS: Berlin Tristesse: 7” EP

Sounds like Berlin has quite the punk scene happening these days. At least judging from the bands on here. One of these rare all-killer, no-filler collections. Starts off with Peacebastard, who do their hardcore somewhat crust style, then followed by the manic Pig//Control who destroy with “Die Invasion.” This is my first time hearing Crack Under Pressure, who crank out some insane thrash bookended by a dirty guitar sound that buzzes and churns before coming to an abrupt halt. Bitter Crop has a slightly poppy sound to their punk, but not the wimpy or vapid kind. Tuneful, with tough vocals, and a tale of apathy. Mülltüte excite and delight with their short blast, “Nicht Fur.” Then Nuclear Cult lay waste to everything with that hellish guitar distortion and blasts of speed and mid-tempo parts that churn and scrape. Followed by the blow-out sonic hell from Earth Crust Displacement that gives way to a hypnotic lock groove. This is held together with primo packaging: fold-out two and a third panel with full color photo inside, then there’s a poster, a few postcards, lyrics, and a dust sleeve with screen printed artwork. 

 –M.Avrg (Heartfirst)