VARIOUS ARTISTS: Begin Live Transmission//Radio CPR: CD

Jun 04, 2008

Although I’m not quite sure, I believe this is a benefit of sorts for a low-power community radio station based in the DC area. It serves as a sampler of the sort of programming they provide, too, which seems to be a wildly eclectic mix of hip hop, punk, R&B, acoustic and the indescribable, interspersed with political discourse both regional and international, resulting in a vibe that seems to come off like a cross between the Pacifica Radio Network and a college radio station. The vast majority of the bands here, including El Guapo, the Vertebrates, 1905, Optimistic Tribe, Pasha, Crucial Defect, Machetres, Short Stack, Pigeons, and the excellent Afi (not to be confused with AFI), to name but a few, reside in the communities served by the radio station, so it also acts as a showcase for local talent, and the interview snippets with community activists and local mariachis, while far too short here, indicate that their hearts are in the right place. While I can’t say I was blown away by all of the music contained, I am mightily impressed with their message and the diversity of ground covered here and would no doubt have every stereo I own glued to the station if I lived within frequency range. 

 –jimmy (Dischord)

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