VARIOUS ARTISTS: Beer City Records Presents Counter Attack: CD

Apr 17, 2009

Mike from Beer City must be in his 30s. All the current stuff he is putting out is stuff from my childhood. Bands like MDC, DRI, Toxic Reasons, and Verbal Abuse were regular listening for me in high school. Current bands like Beer Zone, The Werent, Oppressed Logic, Very Metal and Red Flag 77 play like they could have been bands from yesteryear. He throws in Humungus, which is Nikki Sicki from Verbal Abuse, which a friend of mine originally was supposed to release. I hate the term, but Mike Beer is old school and his colors are blatantly on his sleeve. I have no hate for the guy because I have picked up a few reissues because it’s so much easier burning songs off a CD than LP on to my Ipod. So, all in all, this a label sampler. It could also be a sample of his record collection that he wants the kids to check out after they get over being a Blink 182 fan.

 –don (Beer City)

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