VARIOUS ARTISTS: Beast of British: CD

Feb 05, 2009

A pretty lackluster and, frankly, suck-ass comp of “punk” bands from England. Although Annalise weigh in as the best of the “new” bands contained herein, once again it’s those bands representing the old guard, namely the Subs and the Varukers here, that come up with anything worth a piss, as the other bands prefer to wallow in the ska/punk and post-emo cesspools that dominate so much of the upper echelons of the so-called scene these days. Really sad when a bunch of old fucking men are more vital and relevant than the younger generation of would-be rebels, ain’t it? Personally, I blame it on the Teletubbies and that purple fucker Barney.

 –jimmy (Go Kart/Deck Cheese)