VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bay Area Retrograde Vols. 1 & 2: CD

Jan 13, 2016

A corker of a collection of assorted synth-related noise straight outta Frisco’s first couple of punk/wave waves. Those with a more holistic view of the term “punk” will find many interesting and diverse sounds—neo-psych-punk, mutant disco, oddball wavo stuff, synth punk and beyond—courtesy of Tuxedomoon, Chrome, Red Asphalt, Wasp Women, Nominal State, Voice Farm, Danny Boy And The Serious Party Gods (who turn in “Castro Boy,” a gay-themed piss take on Zappa’s highly successful piss take, “Valley Girl”), Units, Factrix, and many, many others. Both volumes released thus far are collected on this disc and both are indispensable. Kudos to Dark Entries for showing some love for a too-often neglected and dismissed aspect of punk’s first salvos. Now if only someone would do the same for Los Angeles….

 –jimmy (Dark Entries)