VARIOUS ARTISTS: Barricaded Suspects: CD

May 27, 2009

Jesus, what the hell's going on over at Dr. Strange?!? First a new Channel 3 disc, then a new Skulls disc, and now this. Originally released in 1983 on Toxic Shock records, this comp has not seen the light of day damn near since it was first unleashed on the earth. It's of particular note because it includes tracks by Tracy Scull's post-Undertakers band, Peace Corpse, and the first-ever recorded tracks by Mad Parade and Septic Death, not to mention tracks by Suburban Mutilation (pre-Boris The Sprinkler Norb), Roach Motel (featuring George Tabb), Massacre Guys (with a future Descendent/All member), Red Tide, Killroy, the Romulans, Abscess, and others. Tacked on for good measure are four bonus tracks from the aforementioned Peace Corpse, the Dull, the always-worth-a-giggle Pillsbury Hardcore and Zimbo Chimps. As with most comps from the time period, sound quality varies, but never gets any worse than listenable. Highly recommended listening fodder.

 –todd (Dr. Strange)