VARIOUS ARTISTS: Barricaded Suspects and Four Old Toxic Shock 7: CD

Jul 28, 2009

Back in the early 1980s there were very few sources in the LA area to buy obscure punk rock. You could get the Black Flag and TSOL, but to get anything by a smaller band at the time was difficult. One record store you could count on was Toxic Shock. The problem was they were located in Pomona, CA and I lived on the west side. I also didn’t have a car that would go that far or make it up to freeway speed. The distance was too great. I was fortunate to go there a couple of times. Man, it was a great store! They seemed to have almost every punk release under the sun. To show how good it was there, my brother literally purchased two feet of 7"’s there on one of my visits. They were a store for the punks run by the punks. I think the store moved to Tucson, AZ around the mid to late '80s and changed the name to Westworld / Toxic Ranch. That was a great blow to the local scene. They also became a label in that early time period while in CA and these were some of the releases from the legendary label. They were also responsible in introducing Raw Power of Italy to a larger scale after Chris / BCT had put out a tape. Bill / Dr. Strange was smart enough to re-release this classic material to the masses. I hadn’t seen or listened to these songs in years (or a couple of decades?). My brother was the owner of the originals and made me not purchase it on my own. To see how good these releases are check out who’s on what. Barricaded Suspects contains Peace Corpse, Human Therapy, Red Tide, Killroy, Romulans, Knockabouts, Abcess, Suburban Mutilation, Septic Death, the Doll, Massacre Guys, Decry, Roach Motel, Bonded in Unity, Mad Parade, The Hundredth Monkey, Vision / Decay, Hue & Cry, Pillsbury Hardcore and Zimbo Chimps. 4 Old Toxic Shock 7" EP’s contains the Noise from Nowhere comp that features Kent State, Modern Industry, Moslem Birth and Manson Youth; Peace Corpse Quincy 7"; Red Tide Kelp and Salal 7"; Massacre Guys Behind the 8 Ball 7". Man, that is a lot of shit! Good to see that there is a demand of the past and I don’t have to pay Ebay prices for it. History is not a bad thing!

 –don (Doctor Strange)