VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bankshot! Mass Destruction: CD

Jul 09, 2007

A pox on Choking Victim for turning Cyndi Lauper’s “Money Changes Everything” into one of the worst ska-punk songs ever put to tape! May you all get bad skin rashes for such a heinous transgression! The Paybacks deserve a good, sound ignoring for giving the world yet another unnecessary cover of Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” instead of picking one of their other tunes to run into the ground (why doesn’t anyone ever cover “Elo Kiddies”? That one seems like such a no-brainer to me). The rest of the bands on here are hit and miss, with Kill Your Idols and GC5 providing some high points and the Lawrence Arms, Leftover Crack (with the Distillers) and the Virus providing some low points. In all, no big whoop here, but I’ve heard much, much worse.

 –jimmy (

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