VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bad Teeth #1: UK Punk 77-82: R & S: CD

Sep 10, 2009

Ever wonder what the very first Toy Dolls single sounded like? What Billy Bragg was doing before he decided to become punk’s answer to Bob Dylan? What Rubella Ballet sounded like before the goth bug bit them? Well, look no further than this disc. The latest series from the folks at Hyped to Death, Bad Teeth focuses strictly on rare, obscure punk from the United Kingdom. In addition to the aforementioned conversation pieces, the listener is also treated to great tracks from Sema 4, Seize, Razar, Rivals, Surgeons, Russians, Reptiles, Shag Nasty, Rings, Satellites, School Ties, Roses are Red, Skunks, Squad, Stormtrooper, Ruefrex, Spelling Missteaks, Schoolgirl Bitch, Samples, Spitfire Boys, Sister Ray, Sinyx, Six Minute War, Stench, Suspects, Shapes, and Kid Rogers & the Henchmen. Sound quality is top-notch and, unlike so many of other comps covering the same scene and genre, the quality of songs selected is pretty high as well. Recommended.

 –jimmy (

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