VARIOUS ARTISTS: Back from the Grave Volumes 9 & 10: LP

Mar 17, 2015

All hands on deck!!! If there’s a more important series of a certain time that shines light on another certain time, I don’t know it. Many years have passed since Back from the Grave 8. These two LPs go to show we’re not running out of old. I guess it’s obvious I’m excited about this, but I did listen objectively and these are right up there with their predecessors: old and unheard. Not that I claim a profound knowledge of lost singles, but I’ve been burned with recycled comps and BftG has not disappointed yet. Taste, taste, taste still reigns at Crypt. So if this is what you’re into, you don’t really need me to tell you that you need these. If you think you might be into it, get a job mowing lawns and pick up the rest. These records remind me of the parties I wish I had been invited to.

 –Billups Allen (Crypt)