VARIOUS ARTISTS: Auto Glamour Sound: CD

Aug 15, 2006

Few things are sweeter than being introduced to something you missed the first time around. What was originally a double-seven-inch comp of Ohio art punk bands gets reissued on CD with a healthy chunk of additional tracks, for a total of twenty-three cuts, from Teddy And The Frat Girls, Qi-zz, Dementia Precox, 11,000 Switches, Spiritual Californians, Cointelpro, BPA, and Lopez Sophisticates. The music ranges from the funky to the truly odd, and virtually all of it holds up surprisingly well given the fact that it’s over two decades old. Fans of “classic” bands like the Fried Abortions and more recent bands like Old Time Relijun will find much here worth their while. This’ll find itself in a place of honor in the ol’ record collection, right next to the Urinals, Savage Republic, and Keats Rides a Harley.

 –jimmy (Shake It)

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