VARIOUS ARTISTS: Atlanta—Inside Out: CD

A surprisingly solid compilation of bands that (I’m assuming) hail from the titular locale—El Fossil, Hotels, Stevie Dinner, MTN ISL, Bodyfather, Terminally Ill Babes, Ryan Dinosaur, Horus, Landline, Rochelle Rochelle, New Junk City, Wymyns Prysyn, Cheap Art, and Burners—whooping it up. They cut across a wide swath of sounds here, from punk to art-damage, to art-damaged reggae, to pop, to surf, and so on. More important than the diversity, however, is the quality of the tunes delivered—unlike too goddamned many other comps, the contributions here don’t feel like castoffs and B-team selections, but rather songs the bands are proud of. Makes for a whole different listening experience when even the worst tune on a comp is pretty damned good. Recommended? You betcha. 

 –jimmy (Muckman)