VARIOUS ARTISTS: Are You with the Band? A Collection of Female Fronted Pop-Punk: LP

This is an excellent collection of contemporary punk—from the quality of the bands, to the elaborate artwork on high-quality paper, to how its curated so each band is given the opportunity to share their varying thoughts and provide resources to reassure folks that they’re not alone. It’s all presented with obvious love, devotion, and care. The focus is gender inequality—and the resultant problems of a patriarchal society being reflected in punk rock. I’m down. To me, it’s so easy to see: Why wouldn’t you want anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation or race or limited income or age to not be exposed to and participate in DIY punk? Build a bigger boat, I say—and not just the more obvious band-on-stage vs. audience-coming-to-see-a-show dynamic, but all the way to more “invisible” punk occupations—from recording studios to grammarians to photographers to designers to folks who run collective spaces to people who just have their shit together and are willing to help in meaningful ways that we may not even realize today. Open those doors, keep ‘em open, and invite in all non-psychopaths, non-predators, non-shitbags. Great stuff. Power to everyone. Power to you. All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Thanks Lauren; great and necessary stuff.

 –todd (Paper And Plastick,