VARIOUS ARTISTS: Aperiodic, Mala In Se, Joe 4, Knife The Symphony: 2 x 7”

Whoa! This is a complete stinker. It has this weird 1990s nostalgia about it, where the record is like a sampler of some of the many sounds of that bygone decade. You have a band like Joe 4, who sound like they really like Shellac, but are so blinded in their fandom, they don’t quite realize that one of the reason Shellac was a good band was because they were original. Knife The Symphony are bland “post hardcore” wanking. Mala In Se remind me of all the bands that clogged up the first few years of the Ebullition mail order catalog, the kind of records that take up a lot of space in today’s record cut out bins. Aperiodic want to push at the constraints, and even if they were to be successful, who would notice? 

 –M.Avrg (Phratry)