VARIOUS ARTISTS: Anti-Social Promotions and Sampler: 7" EPs

May 27, 2011

Some overlap in bands here, with The Unpatriotics, The Dead Pawns, and A Disco For Ferns making appearances on both discs, while Angel Face, Violent Society, All Rise, Bucket Flush, Haste Killed Creativity, and Combat Crisis round out the rest of the tuneage here. Save for Haste Killed Creativity’s indie-punkish track, the lion’s share of stuff on both discs falls into one derivative or another of ‘80s-influenced hardcore, simple and direct, with nary a whit of metal. Can’t say anything blew my skirt up either way, but nothing here was especially terrible, and I definitely like the fact that this fits more into the traditional interpretation of “compilation” than the more modern “label sampler.”

 –jimmy (8^)