VARIOUS ARTISTS: Annihilate Your Life: CD

Oct 16, 2009

A predominantly hardcore compilation featuring, in order of appearance, DIHYF, Salted Wounds, Clusterfux, Hardsole, Man0Alive, Cunnilingus, Döersovit, Truckasaurus, Conrn Whisky, Fetal Hymen, Infernal Racket, Dead Pan, One Per Coffin, Zombie Hate Brigade and Carrion Crawler. Would’ve liked a wee bit more diversity in sounds and styles, but most of the bands here ain’t bad at what they do and fans of the genre should find much to get them off. Best tune here, however, is the tune by Ernie and Cookie Monster they no doubt jacked from a Sesame Street record or broadcast. American treasures they both are and, despite their well documented addictions to rubber waterfowl and cookies, worthy of all the adulation they’ve received over the past four decades.

 –jimmy (Rawker)