VARIOUS ARTISTS: And You’ll Spin: A Tribute to Big Drill Car: CD

Oct 23, 2008

The long wait is finally over for this holy offering tribute to veteran power rockers Big Drill Car from Itchy Korean Records. Glenn and Kevin (neither Korean, and will go Bruce Lee on your Adam’s apple if called Korean) over at IKR have been painstakingly assembling this seventeen-song testament to BDC for over the last coupla years, and the result is a killer collection of ‘Car tunes from a cross-section of bands from around the globe. Some of my favorites include The Bultacos (Spain) ripping out their version of “Ick,” Dead Lazlo’s Place busting out “Nothing At All,” and Jeff Caudill’s (USA) roadhouse/folk-tastic (trust me, it works!) take on one of my all-time fave BDC tunes, “Swanson.” I must note here that I’d be a lying mofo if I said I wasn’t particularly fond (and proud!) of Cynical’s version of “Take Away”—that track was actually taken from my old band’s fourth and final record released back in 2001, some years before this tribute got shifted high into production gear. Let’s make it clear that I’m in no way tooting my own horn—a helluva lotta other bands brought the rock to this tribute, as well. If you happen to partake of smoking the weed (you know who you are), put on Valve Drive’s (Japan) version of “In Green Fields” and prepare to have a good time. A coupla of the BDC guys themselves were involved with the making of this rekkid, with the cover art by Bob Thomson and Mark Arnold pitching in his producing skills for The Tank’s take on “No Worse for the Wear.” Even long-time Descendent Stephen Egerton had a hand in the process with mastering this disc, so cut the shit and get some while the gettin’s good, holmes. In fact, get this and grab any and all BDC records and 7 inchers you can get your hands on. Why? Because all in all, everyone on this tribute did a pretty damn good job of paying homage to one of the greatest bands that the music industry missed the fucking boat on at the time, and I mean BIG time. This especially rings true with the CD liner notes that some person named “anonymous” wrote. Turns out that I happen to know “anonymous,” and believe me you, he knows exactly what the fuck he’s talking about. Do you? 

 –dale (Itchy Korean,