VARIOUS ARTISTS: And You’ll Spin: A Tribute to Big Drill Car: CD

Oct 23, 2008

All. Chemical People. Big Drill Car. When I made the leap from classic rock to punk rock, these bands seemed tailor made for people like me. They had hooks and humor, and they could play well without yielding to classic rock clichés. But of the three pivotal Cruz Records bands, only All seems to get their due, at least in my neck of the woods, so I’m glad to see this Big Drill Car tribute disc. Most of the seventeen bands on And You’ll Spin took the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, doing straight forward covers. Newcomers will get a pretty accurate sense of the originals. For converts, it’s mostly a mixed bag of well-rendered renditions that stray a little bit and others that fall short—at the very least you’ll want to pull out your old Big Drill Car records. The best versions come from Social Classics, Groucho Marxists, Sad Days Indeed, and The Tank. The most interesting was Jeff Caudill and the Good Time Band’s version of “Swanson,” though I wish they’d made it even more country. 

 –Mike Faloon (Itchy Korean)