VARIOUS ARTISTS: America’s Unknown: LP

Oct 06, 2008

Dunno quite how to approach reviewing this. On one hand, you’ve got a great compilation of now-obscure U.S. punk from Ash Tradition, Identity Crysis, Stukas Over Bedrock, PTL Klub, Horror Planet, Stevie Stiletto and the Switchblades, Chronic Disorder, Entropy, and Maggot Sandwich. On the other, you’ve got the twenty-year anniversary issue of Artcore Fanzine, with interviews and features on Career Suicide, State, Smalltown, Direct Control, Bad Posture, Bemisbrain Records, Frontier Records, and the irrepressible George Hurchalla (whose book Going Underground is a must-own). Both are packaged together in an LP format, and both are definitely worth the hunt. Better hurry, though, ’cause this is no doubt a limited edition release.

 –jimmy (

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