VARIOUS ARTISTS: American Hardcore: The History of American Punk Rock 1980-1986: CD

Jan 18, 2007

This film apparently came out this past fall, and I’ve yet to check it out yet. Might have to set the TiVO for this one, as it seems AH didn’t get released nationally (see more at The soundtrack here includes a cross-section of West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast hardcore tuneage. This strand of punk rock was the quintessential answer that laid down the law for musicians who were sick and tired of the water-bloated corpse that rock’n’roll had started to turn into at the peak of the late ‘70s and into the first part of the ‘80s. Such pioneers on this collection include Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Adolescents, Middle Class, Bad Brains, The Freeze, Minor Threat, Big Boys, Negative Approach, and a whole shit-ton more. I’m kinda surprised an older slab from the Misfits wasn’t included on this collection—it would’ve rounded this disc off nicely. Thumbs-up to the Rhino people for assembling a great collection here to get those in your life a chance at a bare bones, crash-course intro into the American world of hardcore. Looking forward to checking out this picture.

 –dale (Rhino Music,