VARIOUS ARTISTS: American Fight Club No. 1: CD

Aug 21, 2009

This compilation of four Outsider bands is pretty cool. One band I am already familiar with, The Hudson Falcons. The others are The Authority!, Callaghan, and The Trends. There are roughly seven songs apiece, making for a lot of listening. The Authority are kinda skinhead punk. They aren’t too bad. Pretty cool stuff without too much of the skinhead clichés. Callaghan is a little more rock’n’roll punk. Somewhat catchy but not too poppy. Hudson Falcons I have heard described as punk meets rock’n’roll meets Bruce Springsteen. That sounds scary but it works. They have eight songs on here with four I haven’t seen on their two full lengths. The others are older rougher versions of songs off the Desperation and Revolution CD. Very cool. The Trends are my favorite on here. More punk than the other bands. Kinda snotty and poppy at the same time. I keep skipping to track twenty-three and listening to just their six songs over and over. The Trends themselves are worth this cost of this CD. The others are a real cool bonus.

 –toby (Outsider)

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