VARIOUS ARTISTS: Alpha Motherfuckers: A Tribute to Turbonegro: CD

Aug 21, 2009

This is a frenetically ragin’ balls-out tribute to one of the trashiest, hardest rockin’ bands of the past 100,000 years: the sonically spectacular and clamorously terrifying Turbonegro. The manic music-makers and psychotically tweaked tune-blasters who spastically pay homage to the mighty thundering Turbonegro on this here brain-damaging destroyer of a disc include Nashville Pussy, Therapy?, Supersuckers, Scared Of Chaka, Queens Of The Stone Age, Hot Water Music, Zeke, Spacebitch, ADZ, Dwarves/Splittin Wix, Real McKenzies, and fifteen other loud and lively groups of melody-molesters. Hell motherfuckin’ yeh, this is as evil, vile, and viciously volatile as it gets... big greasy dangerous dollops of brawny bigger-than-life rock’n’roll fury! After several sizzlin’ listens, my ears are now uncontrollably smokin’ up a storm!

 –guest (Hopeless)