VARIOUS ARTISTS: Addicted to Oi!: CD

Jul 28, 2009

Touted as a new addition to the original oi compilation series, this puppy even includes liner notes by Gary Bushell hisself. Most of the tracks on here are amazingly good, considering how utterly crappy this genre has become, especially in recent years. All of the tracks are new, many are unreleased. In order, Discipline: imagine the Vanilla Muffins with the gruff singer of the 4-Skins up front. Cockney Rejects: Vocals lack the intensity of the first couple o’ albums, but the song itself, a ditty with a requisite chorus that would make a good terrace chant, ain’t too shabby. Argy Bargy: Thought their last album was slightly above okay, but this is a nice bit of virulent viciousness with throat shredding vocals. The Business: Dude, it’s the fucking Business, for chrissakes. Do I really need to rant on about how good this track is? Let’s just say you could sandwich it between any of their “classic” tracks on a mix tape and no one would ever notice. Klasse Kriminale: Loud, brash, brief, up-tempo and melodic in all the right ways. The Filaments: Hate most modern ska anymore, thanks to radio over-saturation, but dug this song lots. Fuck the pigs, indeed. Deadline: Reminds me a little of the old LA band the Eyes, only with louder guitars. Nice ballsy pop with female vocals. Agnostic Front: The story so far: band forms, plays ultra thrash, then bad speed metal, and then reinvents itself yet again as a traditional oi band. To their credit, the song ain’t all that bad, although I still highly doubt I’d buy one of their newer releases. Red Alert: Another classic track from these guys, this a rocker that feels nowhere close to the four minute length it is. Resistance 77: Rough-edged punk with pop hooks up the ass to facilitate singing along while tearing the place apart. Last Resort: Apparently, Roi still has violence on his mind. I was afraid he might’ve gone soft over the years. Menace: Pretty straightforward oi tune. Not bad, but I was expecting more considering the band. Slaughter and the Dogs: Uh, maybe it’s time for another long retirement, guys, ’cause bad glam still ain’t made a comeback and this sure won’t speed up the process. Beerzone: Sounds like early Test Tube Babies, which is by all means a compliment. Blood Brothers: Sounds like “Guns for the Afghan Rebels”/”Lust for Glory”-era Upstarts, which makes perfect sense considering it features Mensi and Cast Iron. Crashed Out: The piano solo, a piss-take of the “Halloween” theme as its base, was perfect. Great tune. Special Duties: “Pop star punks? No, we're real shock troops…” Couldn’t put it any better myself. Foreign Legion: Another pretty standard tune, not to misconstrued as meaning it sucks, ’cause it doesn’t, but they just ain’t as mind-blowing as some others included here. The Crack: Have always liked what I’ve heard from these guys, but I don’t really think the world needed yet another cover of “House of the Rising Sun.” The Gonads: The history of punk set to a modern crunch metal riff. Final verdict? Jeez, try as I may, I can’t help but give this a glowing recommendation.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)