VARIOUS ARTISTS: A Tribute to Repo Man: CD

Nov 20, 2012

The title makes pretty clear what the deal is here: a buncha folks covering one of punkdom’s most revered/reviled Hollywood flicks. What you get here is songs originally by Fear, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, the Plugz, Circle Jerks, and others being covered by the likes of Mike Watt and the Secondmen, Matthew Sweet, Those Darlins, and Black Francis, to name a few. The results are surprisingly not as wholly wretched as expected, some of which, like Amanda Palmer’s horn-laden reinterpretation of “Institutionalized,” actually work well in their own fashion. Wholly went into this expecting to loathe like no one’s loathed before, but no, I’ve definitely heard much, much worse.

 –jimmy (American Laundromat)

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