VARIOUS ARTISTS: A Tale of Rotten Orange: 2 x LP

Jul 21, 2011

Just a little over ten years ago, there was a somewhat healthy music scene here in the SoCal area. A few bars would host punk, punk’n’roll, whatever the fuck, on a weekly basis. There were times I would be at shows at least four times a week. Often traveling from L.A. to OC to catch bands like Smogtown and the Stitches. Saw some great shows during that time and saw a lot of crap as well. For every Smogtown or Stitches, there were at least ten mediocre bands behind them. After awhile, the garbage bands began to stink so bad it was hard to want to leave the house to watch one good band. It gets old paying a cover charge, then stand outside the club while some band drags on and on inside. Listening to this comp tells me that not much has changed since then. There’s some good stuff on here like Crazy Squeeze, The Dogs, Social Task, The Hitchhikers, Smogtown, Stitches, and Foul Response. But the majority of what is on here outnumbers the good. If anything, seek out individual releases from the mentioned good bands.



 –M.Avrg (Orange Fight,

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