VARIOUS ARTISTS: A Tale of Rotten Orange: 2 x CD

Jul 29, 2011

Took a thorough look at the credits provided, ‘cause this has that Rick Bain/Hostage Records sound all over it, but no, it looks like this is this label’s inaugural release, and a doozy it is. Two discs of grade-A punk from south of the (L.A. County) border from both legendary acts and new jacks alike—Druglords Of The Avenues, Disguster, Narcoleptic Youth, The Piss Pops, The Dogs, Crazy Squeeze, The Boners, I-9, The Crowd, Social Task, Broken Bottles, The Hitchhikers, Bonecrusher, Smogtown, The Junk, Fork Tailed Devils, Killing California, The Loyals, The Stitches, Foul Response, No More Saints, Neon Maniacs, Raw Helmet, and The Uncivil all contribute at least one song to the ensuing shenanigans. Omitted from the proceedings are the endlessly boring pop punk and ska acts that too often these days are propped up and handed the OC punk flag to run right into the ground, and instead the listener is treated by what is arguably the true OC underground sound, with styles ranging from the rock/punk to the trashy to the hardcore spectrums and back. Good stuff all the way ‘round and destined for a slot on upcoming year end lists of this year’s better comps.

 –jimmy (Orange Fight,

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