VARIOUS ARTISTS: A Tale of a Rotten Orange: 2 x CD

Jul 21, 2011

A double disc compilation featuring twenty-four bands over thirty-nine tracks as the first release by a new label called Orange Fight Records. I assume the label is based in the OrangeCounty area, due to the fact most bands on the record are from that region, but I could not locate a mailing address to verify that fact. I was unfamiliar with all the acts appearing except legendary OC punks the Crowd who contribute a mid-tempo punk rocker entitled “Masquerade.” The overall sound of the comp is a definite throwback to the early ‘80s OC punk sound, as well as ample skate rock vibes from the same era, but it varies enough from track to track not to test the listener’s patience with a completely one dimensional sound. While nothing on the disc struck me as bad, none of the songs stoked my interest to want to hear more by any of the bands. A respectable, if middling, mediocre punk rock collection.

 –Jake Shut (Orange Fight)