Mar 26, 2012

Underground music changed once the idea of a compilation album disappeared. Sure, label samplers still pop every now and then, but it’s a slightly cheaper version of a great concept. Granted, I wasn’t even around for the comp CD heyday, but I really wish it were still around. Eager Beaver put together a great comp of a ton of bands (mostly American, mostly gruff pop punk) to help raise funds for the recent earthquakes in Japan. In the grand scheme of things, I know that no punk comp is going to create a huge splash in the charity efforts, but it’s beautiful that CD exists in the first place. I highly recommend that you purchase a copy. As a reader of Razorcake, you’re probably already familiar with a good chunk of the bands on it, but your car could probably use another mix CD. (This review is not intended as an insult to anyone who does not own a car.)

 –Bryan Static (Eager Beaver,

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