VARIOUS ARTISTS: A Product of Six Cents II: CD

Oct 16, 2009

Forty-nine tracks of the fast and faster are on this here disc (nine of which come from the APOSC I 7”). A lot of the tracks blast by like blurred blazes of rage. But don’t worry, this isn’t forty-nine tracks of lackluster Spazz and Infest idolatry and we-can’t-play-so-we-play-fast-hoping-that-nobody-will-notice-and-call-it-grind grind. Just like most comps, there’s going to be some stuff that you can’t stand and some stuff that you can’t live without. This comp has a lot more of the good than the bad. And, furthermore, the stuff that you wish wasn’t around is so fast and so short that it is hardly worth mention. Once you assess the track and realize that you don’t wanna hear it, the next track will be playing. You will be reaching for the case to see which band is playing so that you can take note of which band is desensitizing you more often than not.

 –Vincent (A Product Of Six Cents, / To Live A Lie,