VARIOUS ARTISTS: A Product of Six Cents 2: CD

Nov 24, 2009

These days, I’m pretty skeptical of old genres being resurrected, simply because they tend to get watered down over time and the new bands seem more a pose than anything else. Back in the ‘90s, I was way into what has become known as powerviolence. There wasn’t much happening in aggressive and brutal music within punk during that time. There was crust and grind, but that shit gets dull quick. Then there’s screamo, and that stuff gets annoying as hell, not to mention it’s just emo with a bit more volume. The hardcore of the time was mostly metal bands and straight-edge bands. Stuff with no guts. So, along come bands like Crossed Out, No Comment, Man Is The Bastard, Lack Of Interest, and a bit later, Spazz, and the whole West Bay Doom Ryderz thing like Agents Of Satan, and No Less. These bands were the perfect antidote to the blandness of  “’90s ‘hardcore.” Ugly, brutal, socially unacceptable, loud, abrasive, and just about any other vile descriptive. Eventually that scene “died off” in the late ‘90s as “thrashcore” or “bandana thrash” was taking off. That scene died about four years later, and powerviolence was being resurrected again. Doesn’t take long for genres to get recycled these days. Anyway, long story short, I was expecting this compilation of largely powerviolence bands to suck. Turns out, this is actually pretty good. No one is doing anything new, and with a lot of the bands it’s pretty obvious who they’re trying to emulate in their sound and artwork (a lot of Charles Bronson wannabes). But the music is raging, and that’s what counts in the end. The first forty songs are the new A Product of Six Cents comp, while the remaining nine tracks are the first installment of this compilation, which came out back in 1997. Bands that stood out most are: Coke Bust, George Harrison, A.N.S., Rocket Attack, Asshole Assassination Squad, and xBrainiax, as well as the veteran bands like Spazz, Ansojuan, Asshole Parade, MITB, and PHC. Rip it up!

 –M.Avrg (A Product Of Six Cents / To Live A Lie)