VARIOUS ARTISTS: 80 Records and We’re Not Broke (Yet): 2 x CD

Jul 12, 2007

I’ll give Level Plane this (and little else): they did the right thing making this a double CD. The first disc is standard label sampler, with tracks from available product, but disc two is all unreleased material. Sadly, the majority of both parts is twisted up from everybody fiddling with high strings, so busy building tension with their weird keys and drone notes and breaking new ground (mm hm) they forget the Riff and Groove, thus neglecting what makes rock music rock music. There are exceptions: Bucket Full of Teeth, Transistor Transistor, Melt Banana, Newgenics, Avorza (eventually) and Nixon do remember to rock; and Air Conditioning and LickGoldenSky (on disc two only! The song on disc one is crap!) are so far from Rock to begin with they can’t really be said to be missing the boat; they’re on the train.

 –doug (Level Plane)