Jan 20, 2011

8^ is a punk record label out of Missouri and this compilation is best suited for folks connected to that local scene. Pretty standard three-cord oi punk and hardcore here, not to imply that it wasn’t without some perks. I found the chorus of The Unpatriotics’ gang-vocalled anthem, “Run from the Police” to be a lot of fun. It went like this, “Run, run, run/Runnin’ from the police/We run.” The Rooftops give us two upbeat contributions, which were also pretty rocking, especially “5th and Hope,” a proud working-class self-destruction fist-pumper with hilarious lyrics. “When I was seventeen I drank too much/now I’m much older and I drink too much.../cold wind blows I can’t take anymore/spending all my money on the booze and the whores.” Badplant had some decent throaty, snot-vocalled punk with gang choruses and Stereo Atomico’s shitty/good, barking, thud hardcore made me smile.

 –Craven (8^)