VARIOUS ARTISTS: 8^: Comp #1: Cassette

Nov 24, 2010

Serving as a mixtape, this solid punk compilation from this Missouri nonprofit showcases five bands with two songs a piece. Political watchdogs, The Dead Pawns, give us a peek at their punk‘n’roll schematics with heavy riffs, gang vocals, and smooth transitions. Part Time Crooks turns up the octane for a hardcore lean, finding their stride somewhere between Casualties and Adolescents. Next up, A Disco For Ferns plays a range of late ‘70s lo-fi punk to grungy humorcore with falsetto vocals. The Unpatriotics take it back to U.K.-influenced hardcore with rapid-fire lyrics and guitar solos the likes of Judas Priest. Stereo Atomico slows it down with their own brand of anthemic sing-alongs, and Snotlock brings up the rear with garage punk and earwormy hooks. The only downside to this sampler is the acoustics. At times it reminded me of how bands sound when I’m outside waiting to get into the venue. I’m hoping vinyl and CD have better sound quality. However, the talent of these bands shines through and so does the effort put out by this nonprofit record label. Definitely recommended.

 –Kristen K (8^,