VARIOUS ARTISTS: 8 Acoustic Comp: CD-R

Oct 16, 2009

Three-way split of acoustic stuff. Julia (um, I think that name’s been taken, ma’am) contributes three straight up folk ballads, essentially all about the dude that got away. It’s inherently cheesy stuff, but reasonably well done, all things considered. Coffee shop rock, but Julia’s voice does have a nice, forlorn quality to it. The Dead Pawns are a not-so-good bluegrass band with way tuneless and bellowed vocals, and Joey Corman just sounds like your average guy playing shit on an acoustic guitar: a little awkward, with some randomly decent moments. Certainly didn’t think Julia would be the best of the bunch, but she was. The best part is that while this is some tame acoustic folk stuff, the cover’s positively brimming over with a bunch of skulls. Also contains a Dead Pawns song called “Ballad Of A Blasphemer” and a quote from Jesus on the back cover. Pretty odd release overall.

 –keith (8)

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