Jan 20, 2011

At this stage in the game, one can’t help but to expect copious amounts of Ramones/Queers worship when wading into the pop punk morass, and this compilation, featuring fourteen bands (in order of appearance: Sonic Dolls, Peawees, The Stilettos, The Apers, The Manges, Dirtshakes, Accelerators [apparently an entirely different band from the two or three that have gone by this moniker over the past decade], Zatopeks, Kepi Ghoulie & Jerry Hormone, El Pino & The Volunteers, The Windowsill, The Popsters, Beyond Lickin’, and Brandon Tussey) each playing one cover and one original, definitely has its share. What it also has is a number of different approaches to the pop punk pigeonhole in evidence as well, with bits of surfy twang, early ‘60s pop, and even bad ‘70s schmaltz making an appearance. Though the primary selling point here was two tracks by Italy’s Peawees—and they handily deliver the goods—The Manges’ take on The Methadones’ “Say Goodbye to Your Generation” was definitely a bonus highlight.

 –jimmy (