Jul 21, 2011

Yeah okay, I am gonna do my best here to figure out what’s going on with this CD because google translate is just not helping. You know how a single word can have several different meanings? None of the possibilities for these band’s names makes sense. It took me forever just to figure out that this is all in Czech after I assumed German. It’s a spilt between three bands: Čertůf Punk, Do Řady!, and Šanov. There are twelve tracks, but I can’t tell for sure which band did what because the way the songs are ordered and listed is confusing. With that in mind, please forgive any false information that I am about to give you. Šanov is the metal band with the growling vocals. No thanks. Čertůf Punk are the street punk guys with the superfast guitar and drums and predictable song formulas. Okay. Do Řady! plays catchy punk rock in a way that’s hard to describe because I’m not used to it, but I could definitely see myself singing along if I understood what they were saying! Definitely the best band out of the three and I’ll be listening to their songs again. One more thing I want to mention about this CD: there’s a phrase in English on the cover that I thought was really weird, “Old Punks Never Die.” What? Never? I’ve heard that “Punks don’t die when they turn thirty, they start writing books.” But eternal life? Really? Stateside, we’ve seen plenty of punk rock veterans pass away over the last few years. So I don’t know, maybe the punk rock fountain of youth is over in the Czech Republic and we all need to head over there once we turn fifty. What do you think?

 –Lauren Trout (Papagájův Hlasatel,