VARIOUS ARTISTS: 3 Chord Rocket Science: CD

Mar 19, 2002

This comp reminds me a lot of the old Lookout comps from about ten years ago. It even has old pop-punk-compilation staples like the Beatnik Termites and J Church, plus the Screeching Weasel knockoff band that sounds more like Screeching Weasel than any other SW knockoff band – The Hextalls – and the Green Day knockoff band that sounds more like Green Day than any other GD knockoff band – Dynamite Boy. There are a lot of previously-released songs by cool bands like the Eyeliners, Groovie Ghoulies, and The Fairlanes. A healthy number of bands I’ve never heard of are included here. No real big surprises or discoveries. Nothing groundbreaking or too original, but, if you’re a fan of pop punk, you have to respect this comp’s purity. And there’s a cool, previously-unreleased Dirt Bike Annie song at the end of this.

 –sean (Suckerpunch)