VARIOUS ARTISTS: 1157 Wheeler Avenue: A Memorial for Amadou Diallo: CD

Jul 21, 2009

There is probably no better social reason to make a comp. than for Amadou Diallo, a man, unarmed, who showed no attempt of resistance and was shot nineteen times by New York police who didn't identify themselves. A bullet even entered through the bottom of Diallo's foot (showing that they kept shooting after he was on the ground). The police were acquitted on all charges. A portion of the proceeds of this CD will be donated in Diallo's name to Human Rights Watch to support their ongoing campaign to fight police brutality. That's the good news. The bad news is that the comp.'s very spotty. Highlights are a live version of Strike Anywhere's "Sunset on 32nd" (which fits perfectly and sounds much more snarly than the studio version), Anti-Flag's cover of Mission of Burma's "That's When I Reach for My Revolver," The Arrivals, and The GC5. There's some passable stuff – Munition and Plan A Project. But there's too many dry patches. Fifteen proves another way they can suck more and more, J-Church is as boring as going to real church, as are The 4-Squares and The Methadones. Hey, I really like Youth Brigade, but when the rapping in "Men In Blue" starts, my finger goes for the eject button every time.

 –todd (Failed Experiment)