Aug 13, 2009

This is the tenth release (hence the name) from Chicago’s Punkhead Records. Twenty-six bands from twelve states. There’s definitely some great stuff on there: Grabass Charlestons, This Bike Is A Pipebomb, the Bananas, Against Me!, and the Carrie Nations are in my tops. As far as comps go, it’s pretty awesome – not too many bad tracks at all. I’ll definitely be looking for more by bands on here and from Punkhead in the future. Plus you can’t go wrong for $3.50 (postage paid and with stickers and a poster) The only thing that gets me is on the included poster. They have a map of the US with all the states that the bands come from highlighted. I look up in the upper right corner, expecting to see that beautiful Vacationland state I call home, but no dice! They cut Maine right off the map! It got me so pissed I had to listen to the Carrie Nations track three times in a row, quickly followed by the Bananas before writing this.

 –megan (Punkhead)