VANILLA MUFFINS: The Triumph of Sugar Oi!: CD

Jul 27, 2014

Another “best of” (this makes five, by my count) from these cats, this time with a large chunk of tunes from their The Drug Is Football LP joining the lineup with older fare. Seems a bit overkill, yes, but I reckon if you’re looking for a quick taste of what they do, and the other four collections are unavailable, this’ll do nicely. Here, you get fourteen tracks of their “sugar oi” sound—heaping piles of pop-laden punk ditties owing more to Slade than Last Resort, with full-ring guitars aplenty and huge, anthemic hooks just a-dripping off the disc. Vanilla Muffins have long been a guilty pleasure of mine, and this does nothing to diminish that in any way. 

 –jimmy (Spirit Of The Streets)