VANILLA MUFFINS: The Power of Sugar Oi: CD

Sep 10, 2009

You know, in a few months, you’re all gonna be inundated with so-called reviewers proclaiming this record and that were the best of the year, blah blah blah. Well, I want you to ignore all of them. Not one of them has an ounce of credibility because not one of them knows what the hell they’re talking about. Only my words should be heeded by all you fine people, because I am the only one who has a clue. I, James Alvarado, being of hollow mind and scrawny body, would like to take this opportunity to proclaim to the world (or at least to the seven people reading this [Hi, mom and Karla (who I know is probably gonna say that she didn’t, in fact, read this)!]) that this is, hands down, the best punk rock CD I have heard this whole year. I will further venture to proclaim that, unless Smogtown spits out that new disc they’ve been threatening to put out, this is the gonna be, hands down, thee best punk rock release out this year. I don’t care if it’s a greatest hits package (and I’m pretty sure it is ‘cause I seem to remember some of these tracks being on their The Devil is Swiss LP). Take “Mating Sounds”-era Peter and the Test Tube Babies, add liberal doses of Cocksparrer, Slade and the Bay City Rollers and you still ain’t even close, buddy. There’s even a serious cover of WASP’s “I Wanna Be Somebody” on here and it wails, daddy-o. God save punk rock. God save the Vanilla Muffins. Sweet Jesus, I’m all giddy inside...

 –jimmy (Reality Clash)