Sep 23, 2014

This little four-song EP took all the piss and vinegar out of me. Take synth- and guitar-based rock’n’roll (I’m looking at you, Epoxies!) and mix it with nouveau hippy-dippy mother earth sensibilities (now I’m looking at you, Edie Brickell and those on your coattails!) and this record is what will pop out of the toaster. The male/female vocal harmonies are what really makes this record stick like spaghetti flung against the wall: even though a couple of these songs sound remarkably similar and the rhythm is fairly one-dimensional through all four tunes, the sincerity behind those harmonies makes the record memorable. This had my toes tapping start to finish. A record for when you want to like the world, or you hate it so much you need an attitude adjustment. 

 –Eric Carlson (Pancake Productions)