Vandals: The Show Must Go Off: DVD

Sep 05, 2007

Time warp: 1980. Shitty VHS tape. The Vandals, in the film Suburbia, playing live in some dirty club to fifty bottle-throwing fans, faded hand-held 16mm film, rough sound and performance, raw, raw, raw. 2004: Vandals with a new lineup playing at the House of Blues in Anaheim to a thousand fans held back by security, shot professionally on video, looks and sounds great. Even the subtitles and chapter search are available on DVD. It’s evolution and the Vandals are probably sick of the comparison, and they never said they were going to save little puppies and children from burning cul-de-sac houses anyway. If you are a fan, it’s great. If you are older than thirty, it’s a wake up call that you still don’t have dental insurance. –Speedway Randy (Kung Fu)